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She sounds sweet and looks beautiful.  I guess fine tuners solved your super treble pitch adjustment issue.  Great pics! I bet I know who the photo artist is [smile].


Michael Schreiner

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Hi Jon. Great video and great music, really looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your compositions. Jon could you just update on what strings you are now using. They sound great. I remember you telling me that they were lower tension. Looking forward to seeing you again.


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Thanks Michael and Sean - got there in the end hey!

Michael, yes I settled for these tiny Wittner tuners which do a pretty good job.
Wittner Suzuki Type Violin Fine Tuner For 1/16 & 1/4 Violins

Sean, the subs are Kurschener VNG range (made for lutes I think).  I haven't gotten around to putting the La Bellas from Greg yet.

The fretted strings are made by Thomastik Infeld - their John Pearse Folk set PJ116.  They are nylon wound on steel / rope core and sound half way between nylon and steel, but with the tension of nylons.  They produce a wonderful clear tone on my HG, and have much longer sustain.  They are very tactile, for vibrato etc and will even bend quite well.  I tried normal nylons but I found that their sound didn't cut through enough with the resonance of the subs and just sounded muddy and not clear enough. 

I've attached their catalogue which shows the tensions, the John Pearse are about 3/4 down the document.  You can get them on Thoman (  Also check out the 'Classic S Rope Core' - last in the catalogue.  The set KR116 uses similar but slightly different strings which are also pretty good - but I prefer the John Pearse (better basses).

For the supers I use a mix of the PJ16 string (from the John Pearse set) and the KN16 (from the Classic S Rope Core KR116 set) - I order them individually.  There are 3 strings within my super treble bank that don't sound as good as the others - for these I use a .010 steel string which work better.

I spent today recording another tune and hope to begin on a video for it in September when the kids go back to school - so great to be finally able to do this!  It was so great to see you the other week - will definitely look for an opportunity to visit you in France sometime.

All the best.

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