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Hey guys and gals,

Just a heads-up that my most recent creation for Jeff Titus, "Taproot", is being featured in the January issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, on the "Great Acoustics" page.
I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it's out now.

Wish we'd been able to have it there for the Gathering, but maybe next year.....

love you all!


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The "Great Acoustic" page in AG mag with Taproot featured is on the magazine racks now... found a copy down at B&N today... Looks great, Fred! That's 3 of your instruments featured as a Great Acoustic in AG magazine... all harp guitars... Oracle, New Dream, Taproot. I'm wondering if any other luthier has been featured for custom creations as many times... does anyone out there know?

Congratulations, my friend. One day, there will be an article, book or movie that puts it all in perspective for history. Someone must tell your story and feature all your instruments, artwork and contributions to the world of wood and steel. There's clearly no other like you!

Carlson Oracle 24-string Harp Sympitar
Carlson Taproot 18-string Baritone Harp Sympitar

Wood Dragon (debut solo album)
Harp Guitar Dreams - compilation (track 8 - Mahjabeen)
Together Alone - B. Hoyt (track 2 - Martyr's Last Crossing)
What We Don't Know (digital single) - w/ Michael Manring

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Just saw it @ B&N myself 30 minutes ago. Congrats, you two!
Gregg Miner, editor,

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My subscription is seriously behind here; I just got it today and had completely forgotten about this thread, when opening the mag what do I see but a gorgeous insert of the tapping parts of Taproot! Downright cool that is.
Thomas Nielsen
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