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Here is a link to the Album I set up in facebook for Andy's Music Warehouse.
It was quite an interesting experience.

The gist of the warehouse is that Andy has been collecting instruments over the past few years.  I heard about him from an article in the Fretboard Journal.  I contacted him a month ago and made an appointment to see his collection. 

Needless to say it was a little overwhelming.  One daughter naturally gravitated towards the viola D'amore and the percussions.  The other played around on the different pianos and tamer guitars.  I zeroed in on the Knutsen Harp Mando, the Gibson HG and the three European Harp guitars.  The air was quite dry and there were steel strings on the Schrammels so I when I tried the one instrument with a full set of strings I did not bring it to full tension (I was a little scared to).

Ironically the harp mando was in the best shape of the instruments I played with.  All the harp guitars would need some restoration to get in playing condition.  It seems like Andy's goal is to create a Chicago Museum of Musical Instruments.  He stated everything was for sale but he seemed reluctant to give me a price.

I am not an expert on any of this stuff but the violins seemed to be in better shape.  Annie dug around a pile of bows on the floor for one that would work and even without rosin she was able to get some sound of the instruments.  She now wants a viola d'amore....

When Annie hit the gong the whole room resonated and it was simply amazing.  Even my wife and emma seemed to enjoy themselves.


nate blaustein

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Gregg Miner, editor,
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