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Hello all.  Would you please help me out with this little exercise?

I’m trying a new method of password protecting the Members Section.

We’ll use Mozilla Firefox as the browser for the first example. Go to the Home page and below “Contact” is a little link named “Beta Test”.  Click on that.

You should get this field:

For User Name, type: me

For Password, type: test

You should now see the Test page in a  new Test folder, with this url:

All 4 photos should show.

So far, so good?

Click on the different photos.

#1 opens in a new window. Close and Test page is still open.

#2 opens in same window. Use back key to return to Test page.  DOES IT ASK FOR PASSWORD AGAIN? (Mine does not).

#3 is a repeat of example 1.  TRUE?

#4 is a repeat of example 2.  TRUE?

If you go back to Home (with either Back command or Link at bottom of Test page) and hit Beta Test link again, DOES IT ASK FOR PASSWORD AGAIN?  Mine did not…cached, I assume.  However, if I close Firefox and re-open, it will now require password.

Next, repeat with Internet Explorer.  The prompt should look like this:

Mine did the exact same thing as with Firefox, no muss no fuss.

I’m looking for something simple that works for everyone (or most).  Thanks!


Gregg Miner, editor,
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