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Hello Gregg, hello all.
Gone a bit quiet on the forum...
So some news from us in France.
I've just installed two Carlos CA-1A VIP pick ups.
The first one went into Jason's Beckett classical guitar and we were so pleased with the result that we talked to Carlos about using one in a harp guitar.
He made us a custom length pick up that runs under all the strings.
Above it I made a long carbon graphite saddle.
Sounds really very, very good. Pure and natural, a woody sound , if that makes sense.
But that is the sound we've been looking for.
Have a look at his web  site for more info.
Carlos Juan Acoustic Amplification.
He shares a lot of installation info on the portfolio page.
Will try  and get some sound samples on the site soon.
Best wishes to you all.

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Thanks for the info, Sean.  Is that "400 pounds" sticker the going price?
Gregg Miner, editor,

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Hi Gregg.
Well that would be the retail price...
On line I think the price of the 6 string model is  about 299 Euros (not pounds sterling).
The one we used on the 12 string was a custom model.
If you look on my Face book page, he explains how to make custom length pickups , which I will be doing for the 18 string soon.
So, they are not cheap, but over the last couple of months I've tried cheaper stuff and regretted wasting money. The obvious advantage is that; you only need one, as it covers the sub basses and the guitar strings (on the 18 string it will cover all the strings). An internal mic can be added as well.
Any other questions, just ask.
Best wishes to you, and look forward to seeing you again.

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