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So I have been on a Coste kick lately.

It started last week when I saw one of his original harp guitars made by Lacote at the museum of fine arts

this led me to buy that little book at harp guitar music. which was a quick and easy read.  Did you know that Coste placed second in the Russian harp guitar competition for composers (Schenck placed first for luthiers) and he was close with Sor and other greats!

Now I was actually interested in what his music sounded like.  Itunes had 4 listings for him 2 of which are those old classical cds for $5 and two by John Schneiderman.

The one I ended up buying is not the one listed above but his other album "Souvenirs" which I am really enjoying!  I recommend checking him out and hopefully we could get him one day for one of the gatherings.

Regardless we do not frequently discuss historical topics and wanted to bring my little private adventure to the forum.

nate blaustein

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Try  this ones:


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