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Looking to throw some new software on the PC without dumping a ton of money into it. Right now I'm looking at either Cakewalk's Sonar Home Studio 6XL ( I have an older version now) or their Guitar Tracks Pro 3. Mostly, I have no use for all the Midi stuff in most recording software, just looking decent multi track recording abilities. Sonar does have a couple of nice effects, which may be worth the extra bucks in the long run. Biggest thing I have benefited from with all this home recording stuff is it is pushing me to play better. Not a bad side effect!

For reference, I tried Audacity, and have the light version of Ableton Live 6 that came with my firewire A/D converter. Audacity just doesn't cut it for me, and Live 6 costs some serious change to get the full version. Plus, I like the looks of Cakewalk much better than Ableton.

Dennis Mitchell
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You should check out the new Adobe Audition 3.0 (formerly Cool Edit Pro).  very easy to use multitrack interface.  New mastering FX make it easy to produce high quality, pumped up audio.  The noise reduction and spectral tools make it easy to see problem areas and fix your waves.  check out the new features and see if this is what you could use.

~Dave Powell

Dave Powell
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