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Finally!  I was recently given a poor-quality video of this clip, but the YouTube copy is a bit better.  The famous plectrum banjo and multi-instrumentalist can finally be seen wailing away on his Gibson Style U....and yes, he plays the sub-basses.  The film is dubbed - one can see how he throws in a few basses between his neck playing, and hear a few more than he actually remembers to hit.  Fantastic historical footage!  The first instrument he is playing is believed to be a custom made Vega plectrum-lute, with 2 of the 4 courses doubled.
The clip is right below my listing here.  There is an additional part of the film in the bottom section where the Gibson is only seen.

Gregg Miner, editor,

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I wonder how he got those spaces between the subbasses. Do you think he purposely removed some strings to create those spaces thus making it easier to find the notes on that monster.


I like how he gets the girls!

nate blaustein

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You did read carfully my article on Gibson ... There are no missing strings just some of them are copper wound and are almost invisible with the BW images... One of every 3 strings is "marked" that way to help eazy playing:

G#, G, F#, F, D#, D, C#, C, B, A#




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