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Does anyone happen to know a Giovanni Mattaliano?  He was once a potential customer who recently gave me my first real useful “constructive criticism” (after receiving our fundraiser announcement).

Checking my records, I see he wrote me (with much frustration) about getting a Holloway in June, 2013 (as the last ones were being made in China).

According to my email archives, I checked with Scott and answered him pretty quickly, recommending that if he couldn’t wait he get a Buckey and upgrade later.

Mr. Mattaliano wrote back with a few choice words about the market, saying “i researched the best I can and seems you are the most credible person to buy from. so just have to wait I guess. Sorry for bugging you lol just excited to get one. Best regards…”

Apparently, we also talked on the phone (which I don’t recall).

2 years later, he writes: “From what I heard from Dazzo pickups,and also from jay buckey. Also after taking to you over the phone. It seems you were a conceited piece of trash. Trying to control the harp guitar market. Not to mention you're nothing but a middle man for holloway. Which has their crappy harp guitars crafted in China. No thanks I would not give your foundation a red cent. Sincerely…”

Teddy, I supported through my blog and forum, as I recall (I never used his products myself).  Jay Buckey, I’m not a huge fan of, but continue to recommend his instruments to many, via private communication and on my Harp Guitar Music “Inexpensive Harp Guitars” public service announcement.  What these gentlemen have said about me (if, in fact, anything) is of course their prerogative.  Scott has always done his own thing though we have done some consignments in the past, and I applaud his struggles and efforts (in China, and now, Pasadena) to try to make the best instruments he can at various price points.

I apologize for airing this dirty laundry, it’s just that I so rarely get any!

Gregg Miner, editor,
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