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Gregg, please feel free to edit or move this post as you see fit.

I know we are a diverse group so I thought I'd post this:
Late Tuesday night, Minneapolis-area Taylor Guitars dealer Guitar Rodeo was burglarized. Thieves made off with nearly 40 Taylor and Santa Cruz guitars without their cases. Guitar Rodeo is a great partner and ambassador for Taylor, and we are saddened by this news. If you have any information, please contact Jim Tordoff at 612-767-2800. We are currently working with Jim and the rest of our dealer network in the Minneapolis area to track down the instruments.
ANOTHER guitar store in the same town got hit as well. "Willie's American Guitars" sells vintage electrics etc. I don't have their contact information at this time but will provide it when I get it.

Below is a list of the instruments stolen from Guitar Rodeo
Name Serial #

SCGC Tony Rice 6059
SCGC Finger Style 1146
SCGC D-PreWar 6031
SCGC Model H 1218
SCGC Vintage Artist 6007
SCGC 1929 00 582
1925 Gibson Style 4 banjo 8117-17
Rich &Taylor Bill Keith banjo ??
Ramirez 4E classical guitar none
Rivera Sedona Lite w/ ES ready none
Rivera Venus 3 none
Rivera Venus 6 none
Humphrey amp none
Humphrey Amp none
Used Taylor SB-1 20080325913
Taylor T3-B 20090608609
Taylor 914ce 1104032096
Taylor XXXV SB 20090625905
Taylor SB2 1105021083
Taylor 514ce 1102152056
Taylor BT1 2104131108
Taylor BT2 2111150219
Taylor GS Mini 2104281190
Taylor NS24e 20091026202
Taylor NS24e 20091012217
Taylor 110ce 20081021864
Taylor 210ce 20090825213
Taylor 314ce 1102251010

Taylor 414ce 1104052020
Taylor 714ce 1106301062
Taylor 814ce 1101042084
Used Taylor GC Custom 1103080116
Taylor GC Custom 20080403125
Used Taylor 712ce Ltd 20030718145
Used Taylor GSce Ltd 20091005102
Taylor GSce Ltd 1104071107
Taylor XXXV Ltd 20090916109
Taylor Mahogany GS Ltd 1110260138
Taylor GSce Ltd 1110201145
Taylor GR Special 1110251149
Taylor GAe Back Cover 1110220077
Taylor GAce Ltd Coco 1110241132
Taylor GA4e-12 20090617019

A sad thing, indeed.


Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
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