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Jay - hope you can drive to Idaho!  (see new HGG12 thread).
Yes, Michael - that was an impromptu "dance" session.  I was trying to goad 25-year-old Nadja Hess into dancing, only to be caught up in a heart attack-inducing burst of ill-advised energy.
Still dead tired.  Catching up on work (day job, remember?) and a zillion emails.  Lots of good pics and stories coming...

Gregg Miner, editor,

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Sounds like a wonderful place for a gathering. Its now a goal. Hopefully by spring my HG should be paid for and completed by your favorite Uke maker. Really looking forward to meeting everyone.


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Originally Posted by Gregg
... Catching up on work (day job, remember?) and a zillion emails.  Lots of good pics and stories coming...

Egads man! Doth thou not realize sire that a week has passed this very day from whence we first commenced the Great Gathering?
Doth Sir Gregory have not a page nor squire to do thine bidding?
What of the royal servant Frank of Doucette or captain of the guard Joseph Morgan?
Forsooth, such a trivial thing as "ones duty to earn coinage" such that the tax collectors may be held at bay should bring to a halt the spreading of the good words and works of our marry band.
Ah, such is the weight of knighthood upon thine shoulders Sir Gregory.
Take heed sir. Heavy as your burden be this past sennight let not a fortnight come to pass. For the peasants of your land holdings are a superstitious lot and Merlin has read the signs to them. As the leaves fall from the trees and the cold and damp descends upon the pastures they huddle around their fire pits awaiting your parchment.
I remain your loyal liege of the northlands,
Squire Stephen of the War Barons Town.

the Dreamer
(a.k.a. Dreamin' Stephen)
Living life on the edge. Less crowded, better view.

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Well, as is normal for me, I've been satisfactorily distracted and not been in since last October. Thought I'd catch you all up a bit.

Obviously, I didn't make it to HGG11 and sadly will likely miss this year too. As it turned out, the heart stuff that kept me from HGG11 turned out to be significantly more than I was expecting. I have connected with Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, MO. and as of Jan.20 am on the active list for a heart transplant. Having done around 650 transplants there with a 97% success rate, I am confident in these folks to do miraculous things to me and expect many more years of much healthier playing. In the meantime I am reasonably well and am still performing with one band, a duo and some solo stuff. Perhaps work on my second CD.

Even better news, I have acquired a Style 5 Holloway from Joe Conklin in KCMO and will pick it up on 3/21. It is currently at Mass Street Music having some set up work done and a K&K pickup installed. Yes, I can finally get started on harp guitar! Can't wait!

Joe Conklin is a fine player and has a beautiful 21-string harp guitar built by Stephen Sedgwick in Cocobolo Rosewood. Joe is also awaiting delivery of a custom Synergy from Alistair Hay. This will be Alistair's first build to include super trebles. Anxious to get together with Joe on one of my monthly trips to KCMO and see it when it arrives.

Wishing you all well for now, I will post again after my harp guitar is home and I can get some photos.

Don Clark

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Don, wishing you all the best for health and harp guitar progress.
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