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Hi Everyone !
I finished my electronics install yesterday, and took it
for it's test drive today, after church, running it thru
our sound system. More on that in a bit, first what
system was selected.

A couple things that I wanted, were no batteries, and
inboard pre-amps. Simple install, and a great sound
were also major concerns.

Andy McKee was playing in my area (Chicago) a few
months ago. His new Greenfield HG sounded amazing.
I later traded e-mails with Andy about his setup,and
then contacted Dieter at K&K. After several emails
and multiple measuring sessions, the system arrived.

The neck gets a standard K&K Pure Mini, and the subs
get a custom FanTaStick piezo undersaddle pickup.
The endpin is wired in a stereo configuration. A
TRS/TRS cable goes from the HG to a D-Tar Solstice
2 channel pre-amp. There the Solstice gives separate
volume and tone controls for each pickup. Output can
be run in stereo or mono.

As for how it sounds..... WOW, once I got the Solstice
dialed in, it really sounds amazing. Neck is warm and
woody, and clear. The subs are clear and warm, but
not boomy, and without any of the piezo "quack" that
I feared might be present.

It was also an awaking to me (a novice HG player) ,
that I'll need to do some work on RH hand postioning,
as well as on string muting/stopping techniques.

So thanks to Andy for sharing, and to Dieter for his
help with my set up.

Back to practicing...



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I've installed K&K's in several guitars (no HG's yet) including my Collings OM2H. All with good results. Thanks for posting up the system components. it gives me a few more options for the next HG build.

Dennis Mitchell
Vita Brevis, Carpe Guitarum!
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