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More from Jason, but this time with Verity Smith.
Simply beautiful....

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I had already seen this video from Jason's mailing list -it is truly beautiful and moving.
Also love the instrument he's playing.  Did you build this Sean ? Is this the 18-string to which you refer in other posts ?
Wonderfully balanced - though he doesn't use the super-trebles on this piece, so can't tell how well they transition. Couldn't tell if they are steel or nylon ? (Don't even know if anyone is building with nylon super-trebles ?) .

Best, Eric...

Eric Hartshorn

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Hi Eric. Yes moving stuff.
The guitars.
Well I made both...
The one you see is an 18 string , with nylon super trebles that you can see on the forum.
The one you hear is a 12 string classical / flamenco that you can see on Gregg's Blogg.
(Harp guitar fest in France). You can see it on the video of Jason on TV Arabia, that I posted.
It came back from that tour slightly damaged, so it came home for some repair work and a new bridge, made for the Carlos pick up that is now in it.
Hope this answers your question.
Best wishes. Sean
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