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Hi everyone..I am going to throw this one out to you all for your opinions.. The following is on eBay

It needs restoration you all think it is a knutsen...two...the seller has promised he will deliver the knutsen you all think it is worth an investement....four...I am not the current hi bidder...but could be...:-)....

Is restoration possible and is it worth it?...

I realize it is very hard to tell from eBay photos....but your thoughts would be greatly appreciated...



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We have Knutsen experts in the crowd...I'm not one of them so I'll pass on speculating about that.


I can't see anything in the photos to indicate that it wouldn't be restorable, but there's a lot I can't see.  For instance, I can see that one back brace is loose; how many others are, I wonder.  How many top braces are loose?  No indication of what kind of shape the neck is in, other than it "needs to be re-glued".  Be nice to know if it also will need any neck-straightening; I always assume extensive fretwork is likely on something like this, but maybe you'd get lucky.


No real indication of whether the top cracks (and I see a lot of them) are loose/open, repaired at any point in the past or all in need of repair.  The back crack looks like the back seam/glue joint gave way, but then followed the grain off the joint, possibly from impact of some kind that also knocked that brace loose. 

I see separation of the back from the side, can't tell how much.  If that's extensive and the glue is simply giving up, the back may need to be removed and reglued, which would make repairing the top cracks easier, at least.  Looks like there's no back binding (one of you Knutsen folks will know if that's standard or likely on a Knutsen), which also makes removing the back easier to deal with ( a lot!).


But I don't see any really grave, unrepairable stuff.  I wouldn't doubt that you could spend a couple grand getting it into good playing shape; possibly a lot more, depending.....


I like the looks of it; the top looks nice, what I can see, and overall it has a look of solid-ness that may be completely my imagination (I've got an active one!).  If it is a Knutsen, and you want a Knutsen, and you have the $ to toss at it, I'd say it sounds like a nice adventure!  If what you really want is a nice-sounding, nice-playing harp guitar, there are a lot of folks making those these days.....


Have fun, whatever you do!



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TC - label is irrelevant, of course it's a Knut.  I could probably even date it to within a couple years, but am waiting for better pics from the guy.
What is your goal?  A cool, funky, hopefully-playable, possibly decent-sounding vintage HG?  You could get there, though it will likely never be worth the cost of restoration added to what it's already up to (IMO) - unless you do the work yourself.

Gregg Miner, editor,

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Thanks gentlemen for your insight and thoughts....Not being an expert at this I really do appreciate your valuable thoughts and input......all from six eBay photos too....

Fred ....thanx.....very helpful indeed...I do like the looks of the instrument and I do see the potential......really time and money would be the real issues.... fill you in a bit...I would at some point love to own a vintage HG...this one has potential....I really was not thinking investment $$wise and what it might be worth restored....sounds like I would be in for at least $3000 to achieve the goal....I haven't the ability to restore (at least in a capable way) but I would love to learn the skill....

Since I have commissioned a 20 string with Jim Worland from Rockford (and have it over half paid for:-)....I may just sit this one out and put my remaining cash into fully paying a working luthier...

Down the road I want to look for a Knut/Dyer style ( doesn't have to be vintage)

Gregg the first place I will look is the HG site of course...I am also looking forward with great anticipation to when I can attend the HG gathering .....
because retirement has come my way....2015 I thinx....:-)


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