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15 years ago today, Michael Hedges' car ran off the road in a rainstorm while he drove back to Mendocino, CA. (I know it was in a rainstorm, because I was driving about 10 miles away from the scene of the accident at the time.) He died the next day on my birthday Dec 2, 1997. I developed an interest in harp guitar because of Michael. He brought me Oracle, Taproot... and all you good folks. Here's to the man that changed my life! Wish you were here, Michael. I know you'd be jammin' with everyone at the HGG.  

Carlson Oracle 24-string Harp Sympitar
Carlson Taproot 18-string Baritone Harp Sympitar

Wood Dragon (debut solo album)
Harp Guitar Dreams - compilation (track 8 - Mahjabeen)
Together Alone - B. Hoyt (track 2 - Martyr's Last Crossing)
What We Don't Know (digital single) - w/ Michael Manring
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