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Ann Mason Stockton, a harp player who spent seven decades creating background music for some of Hollywood's biggest productions, died recently of heart failure in her Los Angeles-area home. The musician played on soundtracks for more than 800 films.

Hear more here.

Gregg, did you ever have the opportunity to play with Ms. Mason?


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Thanks John. I ran into her a few times when I was in the loop. I remember watching her perform with orchestra the debut of a big new piece Bill Marx (Harpo's son) wrote. I had met some of the Marx clan through Mildred Dilling (Harpo's "teacher").  I went with the late harpist Gail Laughton ("ghosted" Harpo's solo for The Big Store; I studied briefly with him also) - he was a major Hollywood studio player until he had an early stroke (his hands are playing the harp in that Cary Grant movie).  Sat behind Bill and Harpo's widow (who remembered my fan letter from 10 years previous - I DO tend to make an impression), then went to the after party (I think it was at Gummo's son's...).
What memories!
Play with Ann? No, I was never more than a good casual harpist.

Gregg Miner, editor,

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along the same lines as not a harp guitar....


Gregg, I enjoyed your article on the Howe-orme lineage.

nate blaustein
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