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Here's something interesting I found while peeking inside my Knutsen harp guitar.  Apparently someone was keen on making sure the bridge stayed attached to the top - either Knutsen or the person who made some other modifications (like replacing the saddle with a flush piece of wood).

There's a total of four hunks of wood there (the two large ones and two tucked underneath them in the center).  They are held in place with two bolts and a screw.  The bridge itself is pretty substantial to begin with:

When I get around to restoring it, I'll have a better idea of what exactly is going on, but I thought I'd share this in case anyone wants to incorporate it into their next build.


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Wow, talk about BRUTAL. It's hard to imagine that being original work, but you never know.. The back braces look to be of the same age and shape.

I especially like the screw going through the brace. Wow.

Darrell Urbien
Member, Echo Park Historical Society
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