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Gregg, I promised to send you a bit on Søren (Søffren) Degen. Thought I might as well put it here on the forum...

- Thomas Nielsen

Søren Degen (1816-1885) was a Danish actor and multi instrumentalist. He studied song and cello with Giuseppe Siboni (1780-1839). Danish physician Hans Kaarsberg (1854-1929) who was himself an amateur luth player, wrote in his mémoires about Søren Degen:

"The guitar; this in some respects rather poor instrument, turned rich and wonderful in his hands. He was a complete guitar virtouso. 
When he sat by my open dormer window fantasizing on my eight course "Staufer" all the house's inhabitants where on their feet. When I crossed the street his playing was like that of a pianoforte and from all windows people could be seen silently listening. It was in truth wonderful. Degen had travelled much abroad. He played concerts as a solo musician on six course guitar accompanied by a full orchestra. What I learned from this master was essentially the stroke and the fact that the guitar is not a sentimental strumming instrument but when played correctly the source of the manliest power, the most soulful character."

His name can be seen spelled Søffren Degen (as indeed it is on, an artist construction of its day. Søren Degen left behind a considerable body of music of which his hand written scores can be found digitally at the Royal Library in Copenhagen ( 

Thomas Nielsen
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