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Hy, my name is Stijn, I live in Antwerp, Belgium and I had this crazy idea to build a copy of a Gibson Harpguitar ...
Gregg already thought I was as crazy as Ben, so I mailed him, if I could see, measure, touch, feel his own Harp guitar ...

We will probably meet in September, but for now, I couldn't resist to subscribe myself to the forum, get in contact with Gregg, and explain what the idea is.

So for now I'm looking for as many pictures I can get from the guts of of those gigantic monsters. It is not difficult to find pictures on the www, but they are more for the cosmetic approach, if I want to build one, I need pictures from construction methodes ed...

I'm not sure which model would be the first to build, but we will see after we took measurements.

The HG site is already a very good source but still, my question: if you have some pic's I would be very interested.

I will reward this forum with a complete photographed build, from the early beginning till the very end !




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What a mindboggingly awsome project. Can't wait to see the progress documented. Thumbs up!
Thomas Nielsen
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Thanks, I hope I can bring it to a good end ...

Stay tuned !

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